Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I consider the religion, generally speaking is one of the most dangerous threat of our time. The religion had its time for almost 20 centuries, the time when human beings were far from being able to discover and understand the miracle of life, the mind and soul. Everyone was guided by the basic survival instincts and people were living in fear and terror. In those days, religion was the one that presented to people a small part of the knowledge that has become instinct for the actual times. At the same time, having a huge influence and being able to control the people, religion fought to cut all the tries to achieve to the next level. This level - freedom of mind, independence level. Today almost everyone has the possibility to access a huge amount of information consisting of entire human knowledge, to use his own mind, to elaborate his own vision, to follow his own controlled destiny. The religion is yelling and crying the power loss and is trying to use every single resource to secure its position. But the door has been opened. They call it Pandora's box, and describe it as the prison of evil, but the truth is that this box is the box of freedom of mind, of knowledge and of the truth, hidden for centuries by the powerful priests. Once the box is open, there's no way back, and they know it. Free your mind and live your life like you would live forever!

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