Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Freedom of mind

Beyond the reality that our mind faces every moment, there is the infinite land of freedom of mind. Those who can step a foot higher and raise their heads above the cloudy conscience, can breathe this unbelievable freedom. Our only effort is to make this step and the rest will come.
The worse attitude one might have is to ignore it. You may fight against it, deny it, or live it, but never ignore it.
The best thing is that you can live this freedom wherever you might be and whenever you might wish, even in prison, up on the mountain or deep in the sea, when you travel or you go to bed.
There is the land where your thoughts may come true, where you can plan, evaluate, analyze, prepare, fight or defeat.
The secret is that all the thoughts your mind can conceive and might be realized in the land of freedom of mind, can be brought on earth too. A perfect thought, detailed, that has a clear view, a shape, a touch, even a smell, etc., will become heavy and fall into your physical existence.
You will than realize the truth: that is the real existence and the one here is the projection of it. We all live forever in the land of freedom and we fall in physical life do to our ignorance.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Human being

I think that there are some specific features that the human being acquired in the last century and they got into our genetic structure. All of them made people more vulnerable physically and mentally and more dependent on the society and technology. I would not talk about human physical changes but about the mental weakness that became a real threat mostly due to the reason that people are nowadays easy to be manipulated.

You can see that people are more sensitive by looking at the statistics regarding the crimes committed by normal people that are going crazy for a moment and they kill their friends or even worse, their family. Regarding statistics of those who commit suicide, the figures are even worse. Imagine that in the Middle Ages, most of the time who someone committed suicide, he became a legend. It was so rare such an event, that none could believe that, so they were turning it into a mysterious story. Of course, those days massacres were happening very often, and it was quite common for a new crowned king to kill all the previous leaders. But people were killing those days for a good reason: to survive, to conquer and dominate.

I also consider that this mental weakness make people the perfect victims for manipulation. For the last century we were trained during childhood and youth to become sensitive for the manipulation means, but I think today most of our children are born with this sensitivity.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I consider the religion, generally speaking is one of the most dangerous threat of our time. The religion had its time for almost 20 centuries, the time when human beings were far from being able to discover and understand the miracle of life, the mind and soul. Everyone was guided by the basic survival instincts and people were living in fear and terror. In those days, religion was the one that presented to people a small part of the knowledge that has become instinct for the actual times. At the same time, having a huge influence and being able to control the people, religion fought to cut all the tries to achieve to the next level. This level - freedom of mind, independence level. Today almost everyone has the possibility to access a huge amount of information consisting of entire human knowledge, to use his own mind, to elaborate his own vision, to follow his own controlled destiny. The religion is yelling and crying the power loss and is trying to use every single resource to secure its position. But the door has been opened. They call it Pandora's box, and describe it as the prison of evil, but the truth is that this box is the box of freedom of mind, of knowledge and of the truth, hidden for centuries by the powerful priests. Once the box is open, there's no way back, and they know it. Free your mind and live your life like you would live forever!


The actual age is the one for independent people. Those who have a free spirit shall succeed. What does it mean? It means that you have to gather all the informations you need for life from everything that's around you, to filter them through your own spirit and mind, to settle the valid ones that match your structure and further plan your future life.
What you should never do?
Never do things that compromises you and your spirit.
Never do something that is against your rules.
Never act like a prostitute, (if possible just accept the money for no return). Money is good, but it shouldn't buy you.
Never accept a companion that is blocking you to follow your plan, for no reason.
Never be a part of a large group of people, they are always lead by a single person that will use them.
Never relay on a single plan. Have a back-up.
Never die! You must live like you'll live forever, use every single moment to support your life not to prepare for death. Never forget that your life is endless and your existence on Earth is just a point on the circle of time.
Never fear. There is nothing to fear of, nothing but yourself! Control yourself and get rid of fear.
What you should do?
Be yorself! But just after you built yourself as a fearless, loving, powerful, respectful, intelligent spirit. You will know when you are ready. Starting before you will just bring up all the instincts that are filling up your spirit by default.
You should encourage people to become independent. Use your life as a sample. Support them but don't interfere, let them build up themselves.
You should setup your own operating system. This is the platform that will further allow you to progress. Less bugs, better running. (microsoft OS can't apply). This will be your belief, your religion, your destiny.

About this blog

I was around 14 when I started to ask myself what is about this life, how it should be spent. Well, at that time your imagination is very prolific and the lack of experience makes you feel king of the hill when you discover simple things or facts that happens for thousands of years. I started to read and discuss all kind of philosophy issues and shortly I realised that the truth can be totaly different seen from particular point of views and can be all valid at the same time. It means that every single person should create his own truth, his own path to follow, his own destiny, and this is the only way you can be succesful in the independence age. This was my only revelation that ever since guided me into life and after 16 years I can still feel the power of this revelation that became the running engine of my spirit.