Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Freedom of mind

Beyond the reality that our mind faces every moment, there is the infinite land of freedom of mind. Those who can step a foot higher and raise their heads above the cloudy conscience, can breathe this unbelievable freedom. Our only effort is to make this step and the rest will come.
The worse attitude one might have is to ignore it. You may fight against it, deny it, or live it, but never ignore it.
The best thing is that you can live this freedom wherever you might be and whenever you might wish, even in prison, up on the mountain or deep in the sea, when you travel or you go to bed.
There is the land where your thoughts may come true, where you can plan, evaluate, analyze, prepare, fight or defeat.
The secret is that all the thoughts your mind can conceive and might be realized in the land of freedom of mind, can be brought on earth too. A perfect thought, detailed, that has a clear view, a shape, a touch, even a smell, etc., will become heavy and fall into your physical existence.
You will than realize the truth: that is the real existence and the one here is the projection of it. We all live forever in the land of freedom and we fall in physical life do to our ignorance.

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