Wednesday, January 14, 2009


The actual age is the one for independent people. Those who have a free spirit shall succeed. What does it mean? It means that you have to gather all the informations you need for life from everything that's around you, to filter them through your own spirit and mind, to settle the valid ones that match your structure and further plan your future life.
What you should never do?
Never do things that compromises you and your spirit.
Never do something that is against your rules.
Never act like a prostitute, (if possible just accept the money for no return). Money is good, but it shouldn't buy you.
Never accept a companion that is blocking you to follow your plan, for no reason.
Never be a part of a large group of people, they are always lead by a single person that will use them.
Never relay on a single plan. Have a back-up.
Never die! You must live like you'll live forever, use every single moment to support your life not to prepare for death. Never forget that your life is endless and your existence on Earth is just a point on the circle of time.
Never fear. There is nothing to fear of, nothing but yourself! Control yourself and get rid of fear.
What you should do?
Be yorself! But just after you built yourself as a fearless, loving, powerful, respectful, intelligent spirit. You will know when you are ready. Starting before you will just bring up all the instincts that are filling up your spirit by default.
You should encourage people to become independent. Use your life as a sample. Support them but don't interfere, let them build up themselves.
You should setup your own operating system. This is the platform that will further allow you to progress. Less bugs, better running. (microsoft OS can't apply). This will be your belief, your religion, your destiny.

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