Monday, January 19, 2009

Human being

I think that there are some specific features that the human being acquired in the last century and they got into our genetic structure. All of them made people more vulnerable physically and mentally and more dependent on the society and technology. I would not talk about human physical changes but about the mental weakness that became a real threat mostly due to the reason that people are nowadays easy to be manipulated.

You can see that people are more sensitive by looking at the statistics regarding the crimes committed by normal people that are going crazy for a moment and they kill their friends or even worse, their family. Regarding statistics of those who commit suicide, the figures are even worse. Imagine that in the Middle Ages, most of the time who someone committed suicide, he became a legend. It was so rare such an event, that none could believe that, so they were turning it into a mysterious story. Of course, those days massacres were happening very often, and it was quite common for a new crowned king to kill all the previous leaders. But people were killing those days for a good reason: to survive, to conquer and dominate.

I also consider that this mental weakness make people the perfect victims for manipulation. For the last century we were trained during childhood and youth to become sensitive for the manipulation means, but I think today most of our children are born with this sensitivity.

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