Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Thank you!

Simple words like these can make the difference between a good day and a bad day, between happiness and sadness, between a sunny sky and a dark one. We utter thousands of senseless, useless words each day and we waste a lot of time and energy to do this, and we only say "thank you" a few times just after we receive something. When you realize that every moment of your life is a special gift that has been given to you, feel free to thank in advance and you force the good things to happen to you.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Thought and feeling

In our times, controlling your mind can be a challenge each day. Information is coming again and again each second and your brain is used 99% just to filter the huge incoming data. A good feature of it is that it is programmable. We set it on some specific keywords and we can let it process only the suitable information. But working just with your brain you might miss the infinite knowledge of your soul and hence the entire Universe.

Your mind produces thoughts, and your soul produces feelings. A thought always has a feeling attached and if you release it out of your body, it touches other minds and souls. Consider this when talking or interacting with people, use your ears to listen to the words and your heart to get the attached feelings, and you will discover a new dimension of life.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The secret inside of you

As you can all figure out, the evolution of humankind is accelerating nowadays, and everything changes as you blink. The social and political ideology, the environment, the technology, the buildings, the food, even the human body, they are all changing with high speed. The information travels with an unimaginable speed and it can be stored, sorted, filtered and accessed by everyone, at any time. Due to this reason, to find your way to God today is an incredible challenge, and a lot of people are getting lost into the swamp surrounding the spiritual knowledge mountain. The question is how can we overstep this obstacle and to continue our climbing to the final destination?
The key to success is nowhere else but inside your soul. Everything you need to pass is written inside you, and all you have to do is to open the book of your heart and read the instructions, because you already know the truth. Your steps will always go to the right direction, because your soul already knows the way. All you have to do is look at your path a few miles further and you will know which way to go. It is just like when you are looking for something that is so big and close to you that you cannot consider it in your search. Your mind is always looking for a problem to be solved before you reach the result, and you can easily get lost in its game.
Just follow the simple words: “What is here (inside your soul) is everywhere (in the entire Universe), and what is not here is anywhere”. All you have to do is to release your highest feelings and thoughts coming from your divine spirit and they will guide you through your life. You will then always choose the right path and the success is guaranteed.

God wants us to know

There are many personalities in the history that lived their experience to the final destination on Earth. Some of them were prophets, kings, priests, shamans, and some of them were mystic gods. Probably there are many more that got to the same point that preferred not to share their feelings. Some of them were monks, shepherds, baggers, and some of them were not even known by anyone. But you can imagine that there are a lot of them living these days right next to us, and some of them share their experience and let us feel the endless love of God too.

I am sure that each of you can find this kind of people in your country or even in your neighborhood, and I think it worth to open our soul and listen for a moment what they have to share.

I discovered Neale Donald Walsh, an American who found a very interesting way to share his experience through a book written while talking with God.

Eckhart Tolle is another inspired man of our times, who let us know about the divine experience.

Heaven or hell?

The only thing that hinders us from living God’s experience is the FEAR. There are tens of religions all around the world that keep forcing people to live in fear, speaking out loud that God will judge and punish them for their sins. How can we love someone we fear of? How can we do right when we are not wrong? The Bad is divine just like the Good is, they can only exist together! It sound crazy, and this idea really twists our mind. How can we live in such a world where good and bad are on the same level, and more crazy, they are both coming from God? What about Satan, what about hell, what about evil? All these concepts are the result of our limited mind that tries to separate everything and find a place for every thought, feeling or action.
There is no hell as there is no heaven, this is the answer we can find deep in our being, this is what we as a soul, as a piece of God, can feel. There is no punishment and there is no glory, the only condition we can achieve is God’s condition, because this is what we really are: a piece of Him.
The whole experience called life on Earth is the experience of God lived as our soul through our body and mind. You may call it the Divine Game. Our aim is to pass all the levels of the game and to finish it. Sometimes we fail and we have to replay the level, and sometimes we win and we pass to the next one, but we always keep the right direction to finish. The finish is the return of our soul to itself. To God.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The possession

The first step on the path leading to independence is to understand that you do not possess anything in this world, but your body, mind and soul. This is what you are and all that you have. This idea has been promoted since the beginning of human conscious existence, but it was approached in different ways. The most common understanding is to get rid of everything you own and anyone you love or hate, to become a lonely monk living the amazing experience of God. This is the easy way, and even there are a lot of people choosing this way, only a few succeed. It is easy to become free your mind and soul and to feed yourself with divine love, when you have the trust, and there is nothing else to choose. Despite this, many of monks fail to succeed due to the lack of trust and fear that overcome their feelings.
The hard way is appropriate for most of us, living in a world of contrasts, where the information, experiences and feelings are flooding our whole being every second. The question is how to achieve the release of possession condition, and have a joyful, healthy, wealthy social life at the same time?
You have been conscious of your divine condition in every single moment of your existence, weather you fail or succeed.
You have to realize that the results of your actions are not yours, but your God's. This doesn't mean that you don't have to do your best to achieve the right outcome, but you have to offer it to God from the beginning. Imagine that you are the tool in God's hands that is cutting, fixing, caring, gathering and wasting. When the experience works, you will know it.
The first thing you will realize is that you are not able to involve into an action that is not according to your highest thoughts (love, wisdom, freedom, etc.). Acting on behalf of God, can only be a loving, divine experience.
Secondly, you will realize that the outcome is always positive. This means that you get exactly what your mind conceived as an acceptable result.
In our daily activity we should act like we are entitled by God to do what we do, to have what we need to bring joy and happiness in our soul, mind and body. God wants us to have whatever we might need to live our life in peace and harmony, so you can have everything, but always remember that you don’t possess them. They have been given you to use them and to bring you joy. God wants you to be happy because He is the happiness, and so He completes himself.
The same idea applies to the people you love. You have to know that they are not your possession, they are independent souls just like you. You have to support them to achieve your wisdom, but at the same time you have to let them follow their own path.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Old news: God is everywhere!

The scope of your soul is to find its way to what it is - a piece of God. When you accept that you are your soul and your soul is God, you are able to do what God does. The question what/who/where/how is God is no longer a mystery and actually it has never been. Thousands of people discover each day the miracle of life.
Human’s mind is too complicated to accept such a simple truth: God is the piece of nothing and everything that resides in every single living being, the Spark that makes a bunch of matter become alive. God is what we all are in reality!