Thursday, February 12, 2009

The secret inside of you

As you can all figure out, the evolution of humankind is accelerating nowadays, and everything changes as you blink. The social and political ideology, the environment, the technology, the buildings, the food, even the human body, they are all changing with high speed. The information travels with an unimaginable speed and it can be stored, sorted, filtered and accessed by everyone, at any time. Due to this reason, to find your way to God today is an incredible challenge, and a lot of people are getting lost into the swamp surrounding the spiritual knowledge mountain. The question is how can we overstep this obstacle and to continue our climbing to the final destination?
The key to success is nowhere else but inside your soul. Everything you need to pass is written inside you, and all you have to do is to open the book of your heart and read the instructions, because you already know the truth. Your steps will always go to the right direction, because your soul already knows the way. All you have to do is look at your path a few miles further and you will know which way to go. It is just like when you are looking for something that is so big and close to you that you cannot consider it in your search. Your mind is always looking for a problem to be solved before you reach the result, and you can easily get lost in its game.
Just follow the simple words: “What is here (inside your soul) is everywhere (in the entire Universe), and what is not here is anywhere”. All you have to do is to release your highest feelings and thoughts coming from your divine spirit and they will guide you through your life. You will then always choose the right path and the success is guaranteed.

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