Thursday, February 12, 2009

Heaven or hell?

The only thing that hinders us from living God’s experience is the FEAR. There are tens of religions all around the world that keep forcing people to live in fear, speaking out loud that God will judge and punish them for their sins. How can we love someone we fear of? How can we do right when we are not wrong? The Bad is divine just like the Good is, they can only exist together! It sound crazy, and this idea really twists our mind. How can we live in such a world where good and bad are on the same level, and more crazy, they are both coming from God? What about Satan, what about hell, what about evil? All these concepts are the result of our limited mind that tries to separate everything and find a place for every thought, feeling or action.
There is no hell as there is no heaven, this is the answer we can find deep in our being, this is what we as a soul, as a piece of God, can feel. There is no punishment and there is no glory, the only condition we can achieve is God’s condition, because this is what we really are: a piece of Him.
The whole experience called life on Earth is the experience of God lived as our soul through our body and mind. You may call it the Divine Game. Our aim is to pass all the levels of the game and to finish it. Sometimes we fail and we have to replay the level, and sometimes we win and we pass to the next one, but we always keep the right direction to finish. The finish is the return of our soul to itself. To God.

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