Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The possession

The first step on the path leading to independence is to understand that you do not possess anything in this world, but your body, mind and soul. This is what you are and all that you have. This idea has been promoted since the beginning of human conscious existence, but it was approached in different ways. The most common understanding is to get rid of everything you own and anyone you love or hate, to become a lonely monk living the amazing experience of God. This is the easy way, and even there are a lot of people choosing this way, only a few succeed. It is easy to become free your mind and soul and to feed yourself with divine love, when you have the trust, and there is nothing else to choose. Despite this, many of monks fail to succeed due to the lack of trust and fear that overcome their feelings.
The hard way is appropriate for most of us, living in a world of contrasts, where the information, experiences and feelings are flooding our whole being every second. The question is how to achieve the release of possession condition, and have a joyful, healthy, wealthy social life at the same time?
You have been conscious of your divine condition in every single moment of your existence, weather you fail or succeed.
You have to realize that the results of your actions are not yours, but your God's. This doesn't mean that you don't have to do your best to achieve the right outcome, but you have to offer it to God from the beginning. Imagine that you are the tool in God's hands that is cutting, fixing, caring, gathering and wasting. When the experience works, you will know it.
The first thing you will realize is that you are not able to involve into an action that is not according to your highest thoughts (love, wisdom, freedom, etc.). Acting on behalf of God, can only be a loving, divine experience.
Secondly, you will realize that the outcome is always positive. This means that you get exactly what your mind conceived as an acceptable result.
In our daily activity we should act like we are entitled by God to do what we do, to have what we need to bring joy and happiness in our soul, mind and body. God wants us to have whatever we might need to live our life in peace and harmony, so you can have everything, but always remember that you don’t possess them. They have been given you to use them and to bring you joy. God wants you to be happy because He is the happiness, and so He completes himself.
The same idea applies to the people you love. You have to know that they are not your possession, they are independent souls just like you. You have to support them to achieve your wisdom, but at the same time you have to let them follow their own path.

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