Thursday, February 12, 2009

God wants us to know

There are many personalities in the history that lived their experience to the final destination on Earth. Some of them were prophets, kings, priests, shamans, and some of them were mystic gods. Probably there are many more that got to the same point that preferred not to share their feelings. Some of them were monks, shepherds, baggers, and some of them were not even known by anyone. But you can imagine that there are a lot of them living these days right next to us, and some of them share their experience and let us feel the endless love of God too.

I am sure that each of you can find this kind of people in your country or even in your neighborhood, and I think it worth to open our soul and listen for a moment what they have to share.

I discovered Neale Donald Walsh, an American who found a very interesting way to share his experience through a book written while talking with God.

Eckhart Tolle is another inspired man of our times, who let us know about the divine experience.

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